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Find out how coMra Palm can help you get immediate relief from pain and support you on the road to lasting health.

  1. First aid in case of acute pain and physical discomfort

    Pain is never a welcomed companion, but it comes unexpectedly and without invitation. With coMra Palm in the pocket, you will always have a powerful ally whenever and wherever a need arises. It’s simple and easy to use right out of the box.

  2. Energy boost and renewed vitality

    Acute symptoms like pain often come with a toll on your energy reserves. Low energy levels make it harder for the body to recover: lowering it’s defence capabilities and makes you susceptible to disease. Treatments with coMra Palm renew energy levels directly in the cells, so you can enjoy improved overall vitality.

  3. Regeneration of chronic conditions and inflammation

    The regenerative effects of coMra Palm enable also a non-toxic and non-invasive, long-term treatment of a wide variety of chronic medical conditions and inflammatory disorders, such as fibromyalgia, circulatory problems, nerve degeneration, migraine, sinusitis & asthma, and more.

  4. Prevention and lasting health

    As a coMra Palm user you can also benefit from a variety of general well-being and anti-ageing treatments, treatments for cleansing and detoxification, as well as to support the immune system, central nervous system, blood system, endocrine glands and lymphs, Internal organs.

“The Palm is indeed easy to use, well designed, and great value for the price. I use mine just before I fall asleep for treating heart palpitations, which tend to become worse in the evenings while laying prone.” – Kamori Cattadoris
“The design, quality and functionality of the coMra Palm is excellent. It is very easy to use and there are clear healing results. I would certainly recommend everyone to purchase one as part of their first aid kit.” – Deirdre Cuttle
“I pulled a muscle while adding a new routine to my exercises. The pain was excruciating, however, after a couple of 10 minute coMra Palm sessions to the area over 2 days, it’s nearly gone.” – Marilyn Rodgers
  1. How it works

    Three radiant energies – Infrared laser, magnetic field and colour LEDs – working in a fully coherent manner.

    • • Safe and non-toxic, employing very low levels of laser light, magnetic field and colour LEDs.
    • • It can be used straight out of the box without complicated procedures. Just follow the simple steps in the coMra user guide.
    • • Based on established coMra Therapy.

    Free e-book: A new approach to treating pain with coMra Therapy

  2. More than 200 treatable conditions

    Download the free coMra user guide app (iOS & Android) or printable PDF

    Including: neurological diseases, chronic illnesses, degenerative conditions, low immunity, sports and traumatic injuries, arthritis and inflammation, back and neck pain, post-surgery recovery, persistent wounds, migraines and much more.