Before I became involved with coMra Therapy, I had not explored any active role in healing. In retrospect, however, I can clearly see a number of threads that prepared me for this. One that stands out especially was the experience of a relative of mine, who went all the way through so-called therapy while dying from cancer. The pain and suffering that my relative experienced convinced me that existing medical treatments were not sufficient, and there had to be a different way. But at the time, I could not think of anything that I could do to improve things. When I first came into contact with coMra Therapy I discovered a way of treating that is not widely known or available. I found a safe device which any adult with a basic knowledge of hygiene and biology could use to improve his or her health and heal him or herself should the need arise, in a practical manner, and adapted to the modern busy-busy style. My experiences with the Delta have made me glad about my discovery and my new role in spreading coMra-Therapy and Delta Laser in Bulgaria. I am very enthusiastic about the new possibilities of wide-spread that coMra Palm offers.