How to Get Rid of Constipation Without Medication

Constipation is a very common condition that many people experience and it may come with pain, bloating and weight gain. If it becomes very often and continues for more than 2 days, it might be a chronic constipation and some lifestyle changes are a must. If the cause is not an abnormal physicality but it is a functional one, you can affect it naturally without taking any medications or laxative supplements which may lead to even weaker bowel movements.

How to Reduce Inflammation Quickly and Effectively

The main cause for most of the modern diseases is the inflammatory processes that occur in the body and sometimes they could even become chronic. When the body is constantly in inflammatory mode, it is weak and the immune system is no longer able to provide the protection needed. What can you do to stop the inflammation quickly and how to avoid it by including some daily habits that will support your natural protection abilities?

coMra Palm goes to Hollywood

coMra Palm goes to Hollywood In February this year, we received an invitation to attend a glamorous event in the heart of L.A. where we would have the chance to meet and talk with actors, composers, sportspeople and other celebrities. The team organizing the 2018 GBK Annual Pre-Oscar Celebrity Lounge kindly asked us if it…